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Early Kajukenbo in Hawaii
The Founders of Kajukenbo
Kajukenbo on the West Coast
Kajukenbo photos
Twin Rivers Kajukenbo
Martial arts related to kajukenbo


International Self-defense Club [NUUANU, Y.M.C.A.]
Taken to commemorate a presentation to Dr. Arthur Keawe (second from right middle row) in being promoted to Shodan. Honorable Great Grandmaster James Mitose (center, top row), and William Chow on James Mitose's right.


Part of the roots of Kajukenbo were from Kenpo. Here is Prof. James Mitose's Kenpo black belts.
{1950} Top row from left to right: William chow, Paul Yamaguchi, Harry Pang, Woodrow McCandle, Thomas Young , Honorable Great Grand Master James M. Mitose, Paul Pung.
William Chow was an instructor of Adriano Emperado


This photo is of Prof. William K.S. Chow's Kenpo Karate class in 1950.  Prof. Chow is on the far left, Adriano Emperado, 5th degree black belt, is in the center. His brother Joseph Emperado, brown belt, is on the far right.


Karate class at Palama Settlement, Hawaii, YMCA gym, Feb. 1953.  This class is being run by Adriano Emperado, front and center of the class. Joe Emperado is to his right. Some of the other early Kajukenbo pioneers may be in the photo, also.