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Family Photo Album

People who made this all possible

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Extended Family (dozens of cousins)
More Cousins! (than you can shake a stick at)
People who made this all possible
Our family, long ago

Actually, they're called our ancestors.  Without them, you wouldn't be viewing this web site right now.

Jacob Duncan Keith 
One of Michele's ancestors.


The Killian Family.  John Gross married
Sallie Killian, who is related to WWII hero
Audie Murphy.



Agnes Weers.  She took my sisters and I on weekend trips while we were growing up.


My Mom, Joyce Keeling. This is my favorite picture of her. Where would I be without her?


My dad, Don Gross.  He was an excellent guitar player and was on TV quite a number of times.


Ealon Wesley Gross, Susannah Lincoln Brown, and kids.  The two on the far left are unknown, but we think they are other cousins or neighbors. Somebody added the photo of the baby at the bottom long after the main picture was taken.