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Family Photo Album

Extended Family (dozens of cousins)

About Us
Around the House
Extended Family (dozens of cousins)
More Cousins! (than you can shake a stick at)
People who made this all possible
Our family, long ago


Duke, Kearston, and Stephanie


Here's one of my cousins, Linda Weers.
I hope you don't mind, Linda.
(Actually she's married now but this is what she
looked like the last time I saw her.)


Brenda and Bruce Belknap. Their mom and
Dad are Angie Weers (my grandma's sister)
and Floyd Belknap.


Kearston, when she was a lot
younger, and Mistie Warrick.


Alex and his Grandma, Liz Jackson

In this area we might include links to the web sites friends or family members have created.